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On this page, I will post the funniest emails I receive on any given day.  So email the best stuff you get.  I’ll only post the cream of the crop and not the other crap I get.  Although I didn’t create the items on this list, my feeling is that they’re in the public domain since they were emailed to me with 600 other people.  So no more damn copyright lawsuits!

Warning! Adult Material Below!

Happy Halloween!

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Halloween Pictures!

October 26, 2002 Emails

These sailors are getting a bit anxious to start some trouble!

Greatest form of birth control ever invented!

Why men just can’t wear thongs!

October 20, 2002 Emails

UPS and Fedex have taken their war to a different level!

October 12, 2002 Emails

The Randy Moss Lexus

This is why Disney doesn’t let their pirates wear tights any more.

These bikinis are supposed to become really popular by next summer.

God, please let these bikinis become popular by next summer.

Deer VS Durango Revisited

Over 100 people discovered Shortarmguy this week searching Google for the words Deer Vs Durango.

For some reason, people like these pictures!  A nice gentleman sent me the following information regarding the photos:

Here’s one way to get your limit.


The story, as I understand it, was that the deer jumped off the Hwy 101 bridge over 394 in Wayzata, Minnesota (it was apparently scared by a car that drove by as it was walking over the bridge).  The Durango was driving under the bridge when it was hit by the falling deer.


If you’d like to see all the photos: They can be found here:  Deer Vs Durango


October 5, 2002 Emails

Deer Vs Durangoa

You Have To Love The Minnesota Vikings!!

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