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On this page, I will post the funniest emails I receive on any given day.  So email the best stuff you get.  I’ll only post the cream of the crop and not the other crap I get.  Although I didn’t create the items on this list, my feeling is that they’re in the public domain since they were emailed to me with 600 other people.  So no more damn copyright lawsuits! 

Warning!  Adult Material Below!

May 28, 2005

Hot Pup
Now That Is A Big Hole!!
Communion Is So Different Now That There's A German Pope!
Texas Limo
More Truth In Advertising
An oldie, but getting more and more true with time!

May 22, 2005

Kangaroo Vs Snake
Born To Be Different!
We Don't Need A Stupid Wheelchair Ramp!
Smart Kids! I used to do the same thing when I rode the bus!
A friend of mine took this picture in Lacey, Washington. I thought it was pretty funny. I heard that this guy is notorious for strolling his dog around. Old people rock! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!
Man Vs Pig....The Man Lost This One!
Lady Vs Melon...The Lady Lost!
Free Mammograms! This is a great idea!!!
What A Deal!
This is how I do my laundry!!

May 15, 2005

This dude battled a Chupacabra and won! More details here.
This is one fashion trend that I really hope doesn't catch on!!
My Kind Of Dentist!
Stuct Tape
I've been trying to sell my stupid generator on Ebay for a month with no luck! It sucks because my auction seems to be getting a lot of hits, but nobody buys the darn thing!! Maybe I should take a different picture...
Honesty In Advertising

May 8, 2005

Why It's So Much Fun To Live In The Desert...
More Details On These Photos Here.
Minnesota Street Gang
It's really hard to concentrate on pooping in this bathroom.
Better Get The Beano!
Joe's Last Picture
Give Grandma A Kiss!
A Way To Beat High Gas Prices

I have gotten so much inspiration from your website.  I work as a counselor and I have used several stories of inspiration in my counseling sessions.  I wanted to send a love offering to say thank you.  Wish I could send more.


***Best Of All, This Very Nice Lady Included A Contribution To!!***


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