Shortarmguy’s Favorite Videos 2007

The Great Bank Robbery

How Not To Release a Wild Leopard

Country Boy

Men Understand Romance

The Joy of Wireless Headsets

Why Deer Don’t Buy Their Kids Swing Sets for Christmas…

Merry Christmas from Bagdad

He’s Da Man!

A better source of light…

But I Could Be Wrong by Tim Wilson (Naughty, Naughty Language Warning!)

Oops! (Naughty Content Warning!)

A Romantic Dinner

Bullets in Slow Motion

An Amazing Hug

Best Jeep Commercial Ever

Mom is Santa

Unknown Dangers of the Stripper Pole

Mind Out of the Gutter Art (Naughty Content Warning!)

Happy Thanksgiving!!

The Kissing Test

Artsy Marbles

The Ideal Woman

Saying Good Bye

Dancing Monkeys This one just makes me happy!

The Skeleton is Happy To See You (Naughty Content Warning!)

The Duet

The Halloween Stripper

Dangers of Driving in Iraq

Note from the soldier sending the video:

HERE’S HOW THEY DO IT! This is a video of a suicide VBIED (Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosion Device) that hit a few days ago. The explosions are definitely not like the movies, though I wish they were. We were actually out on patrol that day and heard the blast from about 7 miles away. Watch the slow moving dump truck moving toward you in the left lane. You’ll see some Iraqi Army humvees pull up behind it before it blows. No Americans hurt that day.



Stop! Hammer Time!

The Language of Larry Craig

Why Moose Hunting is Dangerous

Pass The Pepper

The Alarm Cat

Where did I put that peanut?

Hard Work Pays Off!

Candid Camera in Mexico

Why moms can’t do Yoga. (Naughty Content Warning!!)

How to Blow a Deer Away!

Testing Water Beds.

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