Multimedia 2008 Q1

Shortarmguy’s Favorite Videos of the year 2008

The Job Market in 2009

Manager Out Sick

Stripped (Naughty Content Warning!)

One Way To Get Out of a Ticket

The Foul Ball

The Right Way To Carry Plywood

Honey, I Fixed the Tub!

Storm The Beach

Redneck Emergency

I Want A Slinky Suit!

Thanks for the Ride!!


Friends Come and Go

The Football Fan

So A Clown Walks Into A Bar….

Ron’s Slip N’ Slide Extravaganza


The Missing Snake

Why College Takes 5 Years


The Fedex Castaway

Remembering Sir Edmund Hillary

Spanish for the Nanny

The Magic of Sports Drinks

The Downside of Video Conferencing

Unfortunate Times

Clearance Clearwater Revival — The Misheard Lyrics Version

The Hot New Fragrance!

Check Out My New Puppy!

Senior Moment

The Real Whopper Freak Out

(Very Naughty Language Warning!)

Dang Alarm Clock

The Fishing Boat

The Dreaded Man Cold


Greatest Home Security Ad Ever

Best Afro Ever!

Jennifer Aniston Gets Dissed

The Underwear Cops