Multimedia 2003

This Preacher Has A Way With....Words
Live News Flash
The Reason The Sheep Hate Farmer Steve
How Men Screw Up Romance
True Friends Will Always Give You A Hand
The sexiest pasta commercial I've ever seen!!
Now Where Did I Put That Ring?
Now that's an effective Copier Repair Commercial!
When you're selling ladders, the show must go on no matter what!
How To Make A Cripple Fly
They call her The Twister!
Now that's an effective Tire Commercial!
The 2004 Fords Sportkas have a great new anti-bird poop feature!
Hey, baby! Don't I look cool in my Ferrari?
Now that's an effective human beat box...
How To Freak Out The Driver Next To You
How To Make A Bear Fly
I can't think of any better video this week than that which features Britney, Madonna, and Christina in a threesome!!
I sure do love my salmon.
Don't I look cool on my new motorcycle?
Now that was close....
Have You Heard That Smoking May Be Dangerous To Your Health? I'll Bet You Haven't Heard Of This Hazard!
Beat Down! I sure wouldn't mess with this lady!!!
Monkeys are Funny!
Why you should be nice to police officers!!!
Bulls and Balls!
That's My Boy!!!
I never knew the California Map & Travel Center had such a good sense of humor.
Indecent Proposal You've probably seen this video before, but it's just so dang Funny that I have to add it to my Multimedia Page!
The Joy Of Taking Your Child To The Store!
Grandma's Big Dog Likes His Walks!
Terrorist Training Video! A Classic!!
I want a Trunk Monkey!!
A beautiful tribute to the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia.
My mom kind of panics when she has "no control"
Tidy Up! Kids shouldn't play with mommy's toys!
Your cat begs you to not try this at home!!
The dirtiest skin cream commercial I've ever seen!
Woodrow Jordan. Woody's Got Game...but I ain't playing!
Tickle me, Tigger, Tickle Me!
Don't Mess With My Monkey!
Looks can be deceiving!

These two guys really put the P in Pianist!

The Greatest Ice Fishing Video Ever Made
Honey, I need you to clean this place spotless!

I was watching Fox Television the other night and saw this documentary about restaurant workers and the naughty things they do to the food they prepare.  While I was viewing, I was overcome with distress.  Tears welled up in my eyes as a huge wave of guilt washed over me.  You see, I too was a restaurant worker.  I too hurt people’s food. I used to work at a pizza place, making pizzas for people like you and your family. 

 You came in and bought your pizzas, very innocently.  You had no idea what we were doing in the back room.  You thought we were good when we made your food, but rage can drive a pizza maker to do things that are bad.  Sometimes very bad.  
To repent, I’ve decided to post this video showing the kind of stuff I was capable of doing.  Click on the picture to view the file (by kostis iacovatos).  Perhaps by sharing my guilty secret with others, I will find an inner peace.  I’ll finally be able to sleep at night.
This kind of stuff happens all over the country.  So please be careful.  Pleasant dining.



I was going through some old crap and stumbled across this tape from high school.

The year was 1987. Eminem was like 12 years old. No one had heard of Vanilla Ice yet. But a young white rapper named Swank was bursting onto the scenes in North Iowa. KZEV in Clear Lake and KLSS in Mason City jammed with the attached song in their regular rotations…all right, it was in their commercial rotations but that’s just details!

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