Shortarmguy’s Favorite Videos 2007 Q3

Why it’s scary to drive in Iraq….

Man, does that screen look real!

Borrowing Dad’s Car

Now that’s what I call Fantasy Football!

What a good parrot!!

Where Shooting Stars Come From…

A Mother’s Advice

Third World Cars are Fun!

Oddest Seatbelt Commercial Ever

How To Work The Ropes

How a Butterfly Destroyed my Roof

Your Side of the Family


(Naughty Content Warning!)

My Kind of Dog!

Do You Like My New Shoes?

Puppet Show

Dangers of Communication


Probably not worth the risk to cross the tracks…

A Few Good Salesmen

The Toilet Exit

Huge Transformers Fan

Houdini’s Cat

How to not get out of a DWI!

The Dangers of Being a Model

How Not To Work Out!

The Old Wrong Ball Trick

Does your breakfast groove like this? 

911 Math Help

Worse than locking keys in your car…

Why Cops Don’t Do Weed!

Could you help me with this tag?

The Dangers of Brownies

The Best Way To Deer Hunt!

36 Hour Cialis

Watch Out For The Hippo!

Sensitivity Training

How to entertain your cat for hours…

Butter Floor

(Naughty Language Warning)

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