Multimedia – 2006

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Snake VS Rabbit

Salute To The Silent Killer

The Police Chase

Why I love winter!

Fun with Restless Leg Syndrome

More techniques for making a Nervous Mother!

Government Employees

The Benefit of Keyless Locks

 Top Techniques for Creating a Nervous Mother

The Love Doctor

Don’t Eat Grandma’s Pancakes

Wedding Fun

The Fantastic Machine Submitted by Owatonna Rose

 Karma is Kool

The Clydesdale That Could


Cards Are Important To Women

How To Tell Time In Italy

The best way to sell Men’s Underwear!

 How to pick the best turkey!

Love under the Mistletoe!

 That’s Just The TV

 Just out of reach!

Not that kind of pole!


 The Butt

Wrong Gift Again?

The Love Boat

Bird For Christmas

If this doesn’t make you smile, go see a doctor immediately.

Honesty is the best way to start a marriage.

Referee Training Video

 I think Dan is still depressed!

Fun Things To Do with an Eggplant

The Peeping Tom (Warning! Some may find this content Offensive!!!)

Who let the Dogs Out?

When the red lights are flashing…..STOP!!!

The Overhead Bin

 The best way to put on a bra! (Brief Nudity Warning!!)

Not What She Expected

The Puppy Snatcher

 Nice Shot!!

 Australia Toilet Paper Commercial

Scary Monkey

New Guy In Prison

Favorite Video of the Week-September 24, 2006

It’s a real show in Holland… It’s a video of a Dutch interviewer who is interviewing a man on a LIVE TV (Dutch version of 60 Minutes) on Surgeries Gone Wrong.”  A surgical team inadvertently removed his testicles. I think the interviewer could have handled the facts, but it was the man’s voice that appears to have set him off.  Watch a veteran reporter’s career  go down the drain in about 30 seconds.

It doesn’t need to be in English to understand what is happening.

 Fairy Tale Ending

This baby knows presidents!

Mozart Blades

Things Men Will Do For A Beer

The Hairpiece Lift

Unreleased Bud Ad

Really Close Call

The Lemonade Stand

Why Candid Camera Never Made it in Russia!

Bad Day

A Fun Game You Can Play With Your Hand!

I gotta get me some Bubblicious!

Miss France

The Bank Robber

Run, Forest, Run!

Innovations for Women

I’m her daddy!

Shortarmguy and The Dude Office Submission Remix

We didn’t win NBC’s contest, but we still think it’s pretty funny.

The Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend

The Kilted Scotsman

Messin’ With Sasquatch

Spring Break

Smooth Move

Shortarmguy and The Dude Office Submission Remix

We didn’t win NBC’s contest, but we still think it’s pretty funny.

Friendship Is Over-Rated!

Monthly Man

Thank God For Trees!

The First Male Engineer

World Cup Soccer Strategy

The Day Mom Came To Visit

Why it’s important to Tidy Up!

Why Old Men Need Cel Phones!

Why Women Shouldn’t Be Bullfighters

Milk True

The Dangers of Having Crab For Dinner

Monkey With A Death Wish

Corazon Tequila

The Dude is working on a video for Voyageur PC and this is one of his outtakes…I don’t think it will make the final cut!

Happy Father’s Day

Trampoline Slam

Icy Tunnel in Russia

I Miss Game Shows Like This!

I Never Knew Great Danes Were Such Good Ticklers!

Na Na Na Na Na

The Dude created this.

Described it as The Real Secret Of The Davinci Code.

Fun With Fireworks

Don’t Judge Too Quickly

Talk About Bad Timing!

Border Control

Fishing Lures

The New Math

Queen of the Road

The Animal Thieves

Happy Mothers Day!

The Importance of Motorcycle Lessons

Quick Change Artists

Let me sleep!

Treat your next line cutter this way!

Beer Wave

White House Egg Roll

Boeing Vs Truck

Been Married Too Long

Why you gotta be a little nuts to be a fireman.

Watch your hand, please.

Greeting Cards For Men

Cel Phones Cause Accidents

Now that’s a Sneeze!

Lil MJ

The Crazy Copier

It’s My Turn To Drive The RAV4!!

Men Get Blamed For Everything!

Topless Car Wash

Fainting is fun!

An eerie seat belt commercial

Dude, that’s the only reason I’d buy a DELL!

Great Vespa Commercial

Knee In The Package

The Professional Regurgitator

Time To Let Go

The Rip Gag

No, Officer. I don’t have any marijuana.

Time To Leave Home

How Ugly Girls Get To Dance

The Real Life Simpsons

The Man Show Kid At The Beach

Signs You’re In For A Rough Night

Bill Dance and the problems with fishing

The Guide Dog

Hard To Get Cuter Than This!

The Dangers of Hoop Dancing

Why Real Men Don’t Eat Yogurt!

(Naughty Video Warning!)

The Downside Of Fantasies

The Urinal Diver

Put Your Bike In The Van!

She may need glasses!

(Naughty Video Warning!)

Why Men Shave

The Lazy Man’s Guide To Fishing

The Smart Photo Booth

The truth about what really happened to Shortarmguy’s arms

Sobriety Test

New Year Sledding

The Guy You Don’t Want To Play Drinking Games Against!

911 Call