Multimedia 2005

Why Guys, Golf Clubs and Booze Don’t Mix Well Together!

Why dad was banned from the local Best Buy Store!

Nice Shot!

Signs that it might be time to break up with your girl.

The Snow Plow

Signs that it might be time to break up with your girl.

 Why It Might Not Be A Good Idea To Write To Santa Claus

The Christmas Special


The Wheel

Kids say the cutest things!


KELO News In Sioux Falls, South Dakota portrays Shortarmguy as an “Irate Shopper” after he just missed getting a blow-out deal on a portable DVD Player at Target the day after Thanksgiving.

Yeah.  I’m sure a dress code is going to stop this kid from creating problems.

The World Is Going To The Dogs!!

You have to really trust your friend to do this one.

Why mom won’t dance with dad when he’s been drinking!

Bat Day

Never Scare A Brother!

Bad Parents

How to tick off a polar bear and terrorize a child at the same time.

The Best Birdie Drive I’ve ever seen!

Now this is an erotic way to spend Halloween!

Why it’s not a good idea to bungee jump in Florida swampland!

Now that ostrich can ski!

Them’s some fast hands you have there!

Why it’s not a good idea to play with big guns!

Boo!!!!  Happy Halloween!!!

Be Nice To Your Elders!

Why you don’t want to tow a boat with your helicopter…

Why it’s fun to pretend you’re a scarecrow…


Why LA Really Needs A County Fair

How to have fun with your buddies with a bottle of Wesson Oil.

This was sent to me with the Tag Line

“Greatest Movie Line Ever”

Shark Capture

Man’s Favorite Activity

Just One More Prank

Ladies, if you wake up to this…’s time to quit drinking!

Don’t Interrupt The Weatherman When Things Are This Stressful!

Why Couch Racing Isn’t A Very Good Idea

When I taught my dog to speak, I had no idea it would lead to this…

Reporting From The Green Fields

Those Crazy Cows, Black and Gus

Don’t Interrupt The Weatherman When Things Are This Stressful!


Best Toyota Commercial Ever

Ummm….somebody fire the set designer.

Scrotum Scrub

A Great Way To Break A Hip!

An Oldie But A Goodie!

The Hot Skirt!!

The Bell Ringer. 

He looks like he really likes his job.


Shortarmguy meets his match in a Slugging Challenge.

Don’t Touch My Bone!  You Devil Leg You!

The Bell Ringer. 

He looks like he really likes his job.

Angry Kid — Curious Noises

The Bell Ringer. 

He looks like he really likes his job.

The Real Dukes Of Hazzard Dealing With Traffic

Sometimes celebrating too early isn’t the wisest move… 

I finally found the Paris Hilton Burger King commercial!  I was a bit disappointed….she’s kind of let herself go now that’s she’s engaged to be married.

Real Love — Not A Funny One, But It Will Probably Touch Your Heart!

Who’s Car Is Better?

The Correct Way To Save A Poodle!

This Gum Will Definitely Make You Cool!

Chewing Gum

Oops!  I Forgot!

Soup Time!

Fight For Your Right To Party

I Love You Mama!

The Worst Kind Of Ambush In Iraq

Dewalt Safety Video

Why It’s Fun To Take Your Dog On An Airplane Ride

Stay Away From My Last Beer

The Best Argument Yet Against Dieting

New Numa Numa Guys!

They’re a little off on the lip synch, but it sure looks like they had fun making this!

Daddy At The Park

How Not To Land A Helicopter

Wife School

Everybody Knows and It’s Time You Stopped

The Joy Of Cel Phones

Beer Bitch

A Fun Game To Play With Killer Whales

Carson’s Copper Clappers

Why You Shouldn’t Poke The Doughboy Too Much!

The Dancing Car.  

Luke and Avery Loved This One!

Loving Spouse Part 1

Loving Spouse Part 2

One of Shortarmguy’s co-workers sent this email out to the office titled “If Todd were a penguin”.

I’m cool with that. 

If you’re going to go Lion Hunting, you’d better be a good shot!

I Like To Help The Animals

Pay Up Red Sox Fans!!!

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Kayaking Again!

She’s Going To Look Like Her Mother Some Day!

These Speakers Rock!

Redneck Water Skiing

Smoking Kills

I Sure Hope My Wife Got Milk This Week!

An English Commercial….we’re so behind the times in so many ways!

The Mule.  Supposedly seen in some night vision goggles somewhere in Iraq.

Molson’s Marketing Masterpiece

I Hate Crappy Mondays!

Why Jumping Cars Might Be a Little Dangerous…