Multimedia 2008 Q2

Shortarmguy’s Favorite Videos of the year 2008

Fun Stress Reliever

The Ladder Accident

Fun with Trains (Naughty Language Warning!)

Make The Most Out Of Life!

Don’t Tick Off The Maid

3 Euros

Happy Mother’s Day!

Luckiest Driver Ever!


This is a rarely seen perspective: a video of a U.S. Navy SEAL 
extraction filmed from inside an MH-47 Chinook helicopter.
The pilot has lowered the ramp, dipped the tail end into the water to 
partially flood the compartment (a maneuver that requires quite 
precise flying) and awaits the Navy SEALs to board in their F470  Zodiac. No matter what you think of this war, you have just got to LOVE the skill of our military….

Fun In The Ladies Room

Amazing Movements!

The Speed Bump

Extra Room

Best Sandwich Ever

The Beer Orchestra

When Mom and Dad are Gone

The Slingshot Parachute

Time To Cut the Cheese!

Never Stop Playing

Rock and Roll Forever

Time To Cut the Cheese!

The Sleepy Boy