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The Craziest Things you Can Order Over the Internet

 If you are reading this (and not a printed copy of this article), you know what the internet is: a marvelous tool that lets us connect with others, order things, sell, buy, read and write, and generally access  all kind of information without the need to leave the house. Whether this is a good thing or not is something yet to be decided by history. But the internet surely offers us a ton of possibilities, from chasing our luck at an Online Gaming Supersite Canada to ordering some of the craziest things you can think of. Here's a selection of some of them I found especially hilarious.

A War Kite 

Did you fly a kite as a kid? I sure did - and I made them myself using reeds, newspapers, and some string I stole from the kitchen. I did sometimes feel like my kite would lift me up from the ground, but never have I thought of actually flying with it. Until I heard of Samuel Franklin Cody's War-Kite.

 Cody was a flight pioneer, passionate about kites. His design of the War-Kite was so successful, that the British army used it to spot artillery during World War I.

 Surprising as it may sound, Cody's War-Kite can be ordered online today. Of course, it's built using modern materials, and it's not large enough to lift a grown man. But it's still a War-Kite, and it can be yours for $250.

 A longboard bike 

We live in the world of infinite combination of infinite variety. Today everything is combined with everything - croissants with donuts, men with women, to name just a few. But none of these are as surprising as the longboard bike, which is exactly what it sounds like: half longboard, half bicycle.


What makes it even more surprising is that it sounds plausible: it combines the independence of the longboard and the control of the bike into one rustproof, stable, and incredibly ugly product. The longboard bike comes with lifetime warranty and a price tag of $350.


A celebrity (for a limited time, of course)


What do musicians, actors, and media personalités do when they are not working, or hiding from the paparazzi? Well, apparently, they make house calls - if the price is right, of course. offers a unique service through which you can choose a celebrity to promote your store's opening, or kiss the bride on your daughter's wedding. You can simply get in touch with the people behind the service over the internet, tell them which celebrity you'd like, and when, and pay the price. Whether it's Sir Patrick Stewart or Lady Gaga, you name them - they get them for you over the internet. Home Page

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