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Weekend in Des Moines

March 7, 2010

As the Olympic Ceremonies came to a close, Luke was inspired to create a Gold Medal for Sunny to award him for being the best canine around!   I've never seen that dog so excited in his entire life! 

We had the opportunity to go down to Des Moines this weekend to stay at Krazy Kory's hotel and see our old buddies, Ron, Jason, and their families.  We're up to eighteen people as a group which can get just a tad bit chaotic for those in the nearby vicinity.

We spent most of the weekend in the pool.  With the kids.  Not with each other.  Well, I guess we were all in the pool at the same time, I just want to stress that the kids were in there as well.  Adult men swimming together just feels a bit weird to me.

The next generation of wild boys.

Ron with his sons, Luca and Lance.  They're such cute boys.  Except Ron, I mean.

Ron's wife, Christie, with their latest creation, Levi, at only 19 days old!

Krazy Kory's wife, Krazy Kelli, showed up with their little one, baby Harli who is now 4 months old!  It was really fun to watch how much she's grown up in such a short time.  She has a smile that lights up the room!

We thought it might be fun to go to the Iowa State Fairgrounds to visit a festival called Kidsfest.  We were wrong.

When Krazy Kory told us about Kidsfest, he said it would be fun because there was a bunch of characters walking around like Spiderman and people from Star Wars.  That Kory sure knows how to have a good time! 

I don't know about the rest of you, but to me these look like some of the most authentic looking Star Wars Characters ever assembled! 

On Saturday night, we went to the Rock Bottom Brewery to eat some fine food and engage in some billiards.

Mike and Allyson were able to join us.  It was great to see these cool kids again!

We had a nice time chit chatting with Jason and Amy about life's ups and downs.  Amy is a nurse so we kept pestering her for free advice on stuff.   We eventually had to stop, though, because she said if we kept it up we were going to have to provide her with our Medica card.

Krazy Kory, Ben Force 5, and Harli Davidson. 

What a team!

Quote of the Week

“Fix the problem, not the blame.”

– Japanese proverb


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February 28, 2010


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