Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center 2009

Shortarmguy in the Shadows at the Driving Range November 8, 2009
Wolf Ridge is located just off Lake Superior and is full of trees and water and nature and stuff. Since I didn’t go with them for the trip, I have no idea what they’re doing in any of these pictures. I believe EL1405FT is an Indian word that means bare trees.
Apparently they came across some big dog out in the woods. I’m guessing it was one of the counselor’s or maybe the park ranger’s or something.
Luke loves to wear helmets, so it looks like they were able to accommodate him with some much loved “Helmet Time!”
Apparently the helmets were stored at the top of this rock wall, so that was probably a bit of a pain for him to go back and forth to get them.
I know Avery is fascinated with electrical lines, but I have no idea how he was able to get up there to look at these. Thank God he didn’t get shocked and fall down! At least I don’t think he did. But I didn’t noticed any major burn marks on him when he came home, so I’m assuming he was just lucky.
No idea what’s happening here. The boys don’t do a lot of cooking or serving meals at home, so the only thing I can guess is that they were in trouble for something.
It looks like Avery was begging for food or something and a bird landed on his head while he was doing it. He doesn’t look very happy about it.
uke also looks really ticked off about this bird on his head. I’ve never heard of birds being so annoying like this, but it gives me a good reason to avoid going to Northern Minnesota.
Since I Probably didn’t do a very good job at telling you about Wolf Ridge ELC, I found this video on Youtube which will give you a better idea of what they did while they were up there.
When they came back on Saturday, we were blown away by this large ball of fire that suddenly appeared in the sky. We hadn’t seen anything like it in weeks!! We figured since it was providing us with some warmth and light, we’d better take advantage and go hit some balls at the driving range.
Fun at the Dog Park

Nice Emails of the Week

Apparently my Miami Ink episode played in several countries this week.  I received emails from England and South America from people who said they saw it.


Hey man just seen you on Miami Ink. Great tattoo by the way and you are an inspiration as well. Keep going mate. All the best, from Dan.

That was a great video with Louie Andersen, Todd. Thanks! And congrats to Luke on his big stage debut.



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