The White Christmas

Shortarmguy and the White Christmas December 27, 2009
What a great year to travel to Iowa for Christmas!! We left on Wednesday afternoon and had to endure some really crappy roads to get to Grandma Haack’s Farm. After an hour or so of driving through wind, snow, and icy sleet, I begged Miss Sheri to turn the van around and spend a warm Christmas at home with me instead. But she insisted we trudge along and told me to quit being such a cry baby. After all, she was driving.
I’m glad she pushed it, because we ended up having a really nice time while we were there. Although this was our first Christmas without Grandpa Larry in attendance, we still had a lot of Christmas Cheer with one another. Probably because we were basically stranded inside together for four days and if we hadn’t been really nice to one another, I’m sure some punches would have been thrown. Cabin Fever!
The kids had no qualms at all about being stuck inside together. They were having a blast playing games and generally just having fun with one another. Plus, it’s an amazing phenomenon these days that you can just plug your children into one of these Nintendo DS things and it basically silences them for several hours at a pop! Best parenting tool invented since the Toddler Leash!
It snowed non-stop for 4 days straight giving us a total accumulation of approximately 19 inches. We did get outside to play a few times, but swinging through snow drifts gets to be exhausting after awhile!
Sunny was ecstatic with all the winter treats lying around him. That dog could eat snow for hours if he could somehow figure out how to avoid freezing his innards.
Christmas morning brought the boys just a little bit of excitement. After a few minutes of these outbursts of irrational enthusiasm, we were forced to give them medicine which caused them to take naps for awhile. Then they’d wake up and we’d start the cycle all over again until all presents were opened.
Although Uncle Jerry didn’t scream out his feelings quite like the boys did, we could tell he was pretty excited about his presents as well.

Grandma Leona and Aunt Laura were most excellent hostesses and they provided us all with fabulous meals and loads of Christmas fun! Luke was so moved by their kindness that he paid them back by photo bombing their group photo. What a nice young man!

Grandma Linda had a fantastic time joining us at the farm, although she was a little disappointed that we weren’t able to leave on Saturday like we’d originally scheduled. We tried to tell her the roads were too bad to even chance it. She insisted they weren’t bad and that we’d be fine. Apparently she believed her psychic powers could have cleared the roadways in front of us, but I told her it would be better to give the snow plows another day to take a whack at it.

Us city folk were a little annoyed with the long wait we had to experience before the county snow plows came to clear off the gravel road in front of grandma’s house. In fact, they never did get there until after we left on Sunday meaning they hadn’t cleared her road once in four days while 19 inches of snow fell on it!! Lucky for us, Uncle Jerry wasn’t going to wait for no stinking plows. He pulled out the big rig and came over to clear a path for us. Then he went home to play with his new Christmas presents again and doggone it, he deserved it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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What type of camera do you have?  Your pictures are great – no matter whether they are inside or outside.

I really enjoy your website – there is always something to make you smile.



Hey Shortarmguy! 

This is very cool!


If you go to this site:

 and pick out a card, Xerox will send it to a soldier

currently serving in Iraq.  You can’t pick who will get the card, but it will go to a member of the armed services. Whether you were for or against the war

its still a nice way to acknowledge the men & women of our military!

Show them we are behind them, and

wishing them a fast & safe return home!

    Thanks for your time!  Still a big fan!

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