The Shortarmguy Family Skiing at Hyland Hills

The Shortarmguy Family Skiing at Hyland Hills February 21, 2010
Miss Sheri and the boys made a trip to the farm for President’s Day. Since I don’t get holidays like President’s Day off work, I didn’t get to go. I guess I was pretty lucky since she had to deal with roads like these!
Grandma Leona was glad they braved the trek over the icy trails, though! She was happy to have a couple of good looking Valentine’s Boys to spend the day with her!
Going home was even worse for them since the wind blew snow all over the farm roads. They had to battle their way back home to see daddy! Have I mentioned yet that we’re all really sick of winter?
We tried to turn a negative into a positive on Saturday. Instead of continually bitching about the fact that we have to drive over this white stuff, we thought we’d strap some boards to our feet and try to slide over it instead and see if that made us happy. It actually kind of worked!
We went to a small ski park in Bloomington, Minnesota called Hyland Hills. It’s the same place where current Olympian, Kaylin Richardson, got her start skiing. I’m thinking now that we’ve been there, we’re a shoo-in for the Winter Games in 2014!!
The family that skis together, pees together. Although I don’t think that’s what they were doing here. At least I hope it wasn’t.
This was Luke and Avery’s second experience skiing. The first time was with school, so it was our first chance seeing them in action. I was mighty impressed with their abilities. Luke and Miss Sheri hung out together for most of the day and by the end of our trip, I was excited to see Luke tackling the chair lifts with ease and cruising down the bigger hills. Miss Sheri only fell down once so it was a successful day for her as well!
Avery was able to keep up with me all day so we went off on our own and tackled the black diamonds by ourselves. Avery did get taken out by some snowboarders a couple of times, but that was mainly because I kept pushing him in front of them.
We spent a lot of time by the trick park watching the experts fly through the air in all sorts of exciting ways. We saw some painful landings as well. None of us were brave enough to hit the big jumps yet, but the winter isn’t over! Maybe we’ve found a reason to like the snow after all!

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“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan, astronomer

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