The Pinewood Derby

Shortarmguy and The Pinewood Derby February 7, 2010
On Friday afternoon, I went bowling with my co-worker, Nick Forga. Holding this ball steady for thirty seconds while this photo was being taken was literally the highlight of my game. It was all downhill from here.
Nick on the other hand was knocking down pins left and right. He got 227 of them in our second game. I still can’t figure out how he did it since there’s only 10 pins and we only bowled 10 frames in each game. He must have been cheating some how. After seeing this picture, though, I kind of felt bad for him. It looks like he had to go potty while he was playing and that can be a really hard thing to handle.
On Thursday night, Luke asked if he could borrow the camera and take it early to school with him Friday morning. He’s one of the junior naturalists and they were going snowshoeing to check on some bird and duck houses.
He tells me this is a duck house and if you look closely, there’s an egg to be seen below the nest. I think he’s lying to me, so he’s been grounded for the rest of the weekend.
On Saturday, it was time for the annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby where the boys get to make wooden cars and race them down a wooden track!
First, we had to find someone to help us cut our blocks. Since band saws are pretty scary to people who have missing fingers, we asked for a hand from our kindly neighbor, Jim. He’s retired and still has all his digits, so we figured he knew what he was doing.
Next, the boys had to paint their cars and add the wheels. Lucky for them, their mom is pretty good with this kind of stuff. If they had to rely on their dad for help with these, I’m sure they’d have been racing just the bare blocks down the tracks!
She obviously did a good job for them since they took second and third place in their division. And Avery made sure everyone knew all day that he was second and not his brother! Which was a good thing since Avery also reminded us that he’d never placed in any past years, so it was nice for him to finally bring home a metal in his final year of competition!
This is our last week in Cub Scouts. On Friday, our boys will graduate to the next level and become Boy Scouts. We had a nice time reminiscing with some of the other parents in our den. We’ve had a great time being part of the Cub Scouts and I highly recommend it to anyone else who’s considering it!

Quote of the Week

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”

– Arnold Palmer, golfer


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