Shortarmguy, Luke, and a new friend at the Dog Park November 29, 2009
We planned on staying in Minnesota for Thanksgiving this year with a quiet meal at home planned for just the four of us. When I mentioned this to the bosses, Dr. Bollig and his wife, Cynthia, they took pity upon us and invited us over to celebrate the holiday at their place. It worked out great because these guys had more pies than I’ve ever seen at one time! My belly is still sore from all the abuse I put it through that day.
This is Matt and Lisa. Lisa asked if they were going to make the website this week which was very kind of her because I hadn’t pulled out the camera yet. I took her question as an invitation to become a nuisance for everyone! Thanks, Lisa!!!
I was a nuisance for Jon and Laura and put the camera in their faces many times. Jon paid me back, though, and started taking pictures back at me every chance he could get. Now we each have about 40 pictures of one another’s cameras!
I didn’t want to bother Danielle and Meir, so I snuck pictures of them when they weren’t looking.
It was tough to get pictures of Ron and Karlin because they were busy all afternoon cooking the wonderful meal we were about to enjoy. Ron wears a neat Bear Hat while he carves up the bird. I’m hoping next year he trades in his big butcher knife for a pair of gloves with big Bear Claws that he could then use to shred the meat off the bird. That would be so cool!
The kids didn’t really care much about the festivities happening upstairs. They were much too busy jamming out in the basement.
The party really started once the bird arrived. They said it was a 24 pounder which was the largest one available at the store. I guess if they grow to be much larger than 24 pounds, you can really start tasting the steroids which wouldn’t be good.
Cornbread shaped like a turkey tastes so much better than regular old cornbread!!!
All in all, it was an awesome Thanksgiving! The DeMars clan really knows how to throw a party!! I highly recommend all of you to go there next year!
Miss Sheri and I woke up at 4:00am on Black Friday and drove over to Wal-Mart in Shakopee to try to find some bargains. We arrived at 4:45am and were quite disappointed to discover that even though the doorbuster specials weren’t supposed to start until 5am, many customers already had the bargains in their carts and the ones we wanted weren’t available! Cheaters!!!!
The rest of the weekend we pretty much just hung out at home. We also took Sunny to the dog park a couple of times. About 30 seconds after this photo was taken, Luke and I were assaulted by what looked to be the Target Dog. I guess he wanted his picture taken also. You can see the result at the top of this week’s update. Have a great week!!!
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