Short Arm Guy Photos Pre 2003

Shortarmguy is pleased to announce that he was finally able to locate his missing glove. The little jerk had snuck off and was attempting to revive his career with the folks at Hamburger Helper. Shortarmguy is happy to have his glove back on his hand and “working” for him once again!

December 8, 2001

The last time Crazed Fan Steve “Cuds” Cuddihy was heard from on, it was regarding his obsession in hurting Shortarmguy.  Back then, we told you how he spent countless hours playing video games where he would destroy images symbolizing Shortarmguy.  After weeks of doing this, his mind finally snapped.  He made his move.  He attacked Shortarmguy in broad daylight with a hatchet and an old rusty saw blade.  Naturally, Shortarmguy wrestled the weapons away from Cuddihy and then turned his attacker over to authorities.  CUDS was busted.  He was ordered to spend 1 year in a total lockdown psychiatric ward where he still resides to this day.   He spends his time drooling over photographs of Shortarmguy and fantasizing about the day he will get to face his nemesis again.  The above photographs are rumored to have been pried from Steve’s clenched hands which are bound to his body 24 hours a day to prevent him from abusing himself.

Shortarmguy has his first Stalker!

Crazed fan Steve “Cuds” Cuddihy has found himself obsessed with hurting shortarmguy.  He used to just tear up photos of him.  Now he’s found that the only way to satisfy his blood-lusting urges is by visiting these levels he created in the game Half Life.  He’ll sit for hours playing the game.  He just wanders around in circles shooting at the Shortarmguy logo.  Over and over again.

Attention Authorities:  If Shortarmguy happens to be abducted in the near future, this guy might be a good place to start the investigation.  If it doesn’t turn out to be him, check Congressman Condit’s Apartment in Washington and also Robert Blake’s trunk.  Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Shortarmguy and the Governor/XFL Commentator in Happier Times. Sadly, the demise of the XFL prematurely ended Shortarmguy’s Pro Football career. There is hope for the faithful followers, however, since recent rumors have indicated that the NFL may be interested in signing him for the 2002 Season.

About the same time the Great White began leaping out from the ocean surface, Shortarmguy figured it was time to stop teasing and just give him the damn fish.

Short Arm Guy at Jesse Ventura’s Headquarters on the night he became governor of the state of Minnesota.  Jesse is at the top of the photo and shortarmguy is poking his head up from the bottom.  ShortArmGuy was in the front row election night and was seen on TV news programs across the country.  One of the best shots was when he was guzzling a beer directly over the shoulder of a local NBC news reporter.  If anyone has video footage from NBC or CBS of the Jesse Ventura election victory, please contact us at  We’d like to post this footage on our site.

Proving once again that ShortArmGuy just wasn’t born right, at last year’s Halloween Party he received more interest from the opposite sex in one night dressed like a woman than he had in all his years dressed as a man.

Shortarmguy and some buddies got crazy in Las Vegas. Click on the photo to see more pictures.

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