Redmond Trip

Shortarmguy at Burnsville Mall November 22, 2009
On Monday, I flew to Seattle, Washington to spend a few days with the Good Folks at Microsoft! This was the plane that carried me through the sky for three hours and I must say, I was pretty impressed with the job that it did. I arrived in one piece.
Flying over mountains reminds me a lot of flying over the ocean. I always like to think….”If something went wrong with the plane, where the hell would we land?” Then I watch the flight attendants for the next half hour to see if they’re “stressed out” about anything.
I like riding in the tram at the Seattle airport. It kind of makes me feel like I’m going through a space warp like in Star Wars.
The reason for my trip was to attend our semi-annual Partner Action Committee meeting with the OEM team at Microsoft. We learned a lot about the successful launch of Windows 7 and saw a sneak preview of the next version of Microsoft Office. A good time was had by all!
On Friday night, Grandma Linda and I were going to see a movie at Atlantis Theaters in Burnsville. The website said the show started at 7:30 and when we arrived, the digital sign board said the same thing. When we went to buy our tickets, however, the sixteen year old kid told me the last show for this particular movie was at 6:50. When I asked him what the heck he was talking about, he shrugged and said “We have errors all the time!”. So we left and went shopping instead. Boy, those people at the Atlantis Theaters in Burnsville sure do know about customer service!!

On Saturday Morning, I was feeling a bit adventurous so I went to Minnebar at the Best Buy World Headquarters in Richfield, Minnesota. I was really interested in attending this event because it seemed to be right up my alley! A gathering of people who were going to be talking about technology and business start-ups!

When I got there, I quickly realized that pretty much everything they were talking about was all over my head. I need to go back to school to learn to be a programmer I guess. I left pretty early.
When I came home, I decided to take Sunny for a swim. He loves to dive into the frigid water over and over again. I noticed there were a ton of geese probably getting ready to fly south for the winter.
“Hey, Dad! Quit taking pictures and throw me the Damn Ball!!!”

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