New Year’s Eve

Shortarmguy and the Olives January 3, 2010 It was after midnight on New Year’s Eve. I thought an olive on the olive plate was a real olive and it turned out to be a part of the plate. Feeling foolish, I attempted to eat the ceramic olive. Sheri snapped this picture. Then she took me home for the night!
As they do at the end of every year, the boys had a checkup with their favorite cardiologist, Dr. Singh. Thankfully, things are still going very well for us. Luke is on a very close watch for a Pacemaker which causes a lot of drama during each visit. Luke has no desire to go in for another surgery, even though when the time does come for this procedure, it should be relatively easy. He had wires attached to his heart when he was a baby in anticipation of someday needing one, so they’ll just need to do a minor incision and attach the device. Knowing this doesn’t seem to help much for Luke, though, because he’d much rather prefer never going into the operating room again! In any case, it sounds like we’re cleared for no Pacemaker for now. We’ll re-start the drama again before his next 6 month check-up in June.
Luke started off the day just a little bit surly. When he saw me pull out my camera shortly before he was about to get his blood drawn, he had a few choice words for me. Apparently, he wasn’t in the mood to have his picture taken.
But the smiles do come out again after the needle has been inserted and the blood starts being drawn. As you can see, there’s not nearly as much desire to draw blood from daddy as there had been earlier.
Although Luke still sees the doctor every 6 months, Avery only has to see him once a year. Generally, we’re pleased with Avery’s heart although it is still a bit larger than it should be. Dr. Singh didn’t seem to be too concerned about it and said he’ll probably have to take medicine to help manage it at some point in his life. We can handle that.
New Year’s Eve was quite an exciting night for us as we had the opportunity to share it with our good friends, Karl, Tina, Troy, Rhonda, and their kids. Luke was nice enough to take this picture for us therefore we all seem to be really, really tall.
Troy blew us all away when he whipped out his handy, dandy chocolate fountain! We dipped all sorts of food into this flowing river of sinful delight. What a perfect way to start our New Year’s Resolution of getting into shape!
As the night carried on and the kids started to get more and more out of control, Tina showed off one of her patented parenting techniques called “Disciplining with Snakes”. It works really well! After only a couple of treatments, the kids began behaving great!
Troy and Rhonda had to leave early to catch an early morning flight, but the rest of us rang in the New Year with glee! Don’t worry, everyone. That’s juice in the kid’s glasses. The next morning I woke up and really wished my glass had been filled with juice also!
I’ve learned in my life that it’s not a very good idea to eat the hard olive that’s attached to the olive dish. But just because I learned it, doesn’t mean I live it that way!

Quote of the Week

“I would rather work with five people who really believe in what they are doing rather than 500 who can’t see the point.”

– Patrick Dixon, futurist

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