Minneapolis Boat Show

Shortarmguy and the Minneapolis Boat Show January 24, 2010
We had our annual Fantasy Football Awards Ceremony on Thursday Night. Sadly my team sucked this year and I didn’t even make the playoffs. Yet I had to attend to support my fellow players and silently curse them for not out-bidding me when I paid nearly half my budget to draft Maurice Jones-Drew. I can’t wait until next year to reap my vengence!
We had a really rough weekend for sports. Not only did we all have a good cry at the fate of our beloved Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, but Avery’s basketball team also suffered their first defeat of the season. They had won their first 5 games before getting beat on Saturday. I know these are all good life lessons to use for teaching my boys, but we were really hoping to see a Purple and Gold Super Bowl!!
On Sunday, we connected with our good friend, Karl Zitzewitz, and his daughter to go visit the 2010 Minneapolis Boat Show! You gotta take off those shoes if you’re going to get on those boats!
I’m a Big Fan of Monster Energy Drink. I just think it’s silly for them to make a jet ski to ride around in it. I think it’s much better for drinking. What a waste!
Avery loves hanging out on the Big Boats and pretending to be the Skipper. His dream is to one day be in a remake of the Classic TV Show, Gilligan’s Island.
o matter how hard we try to get Luke to stop Photo Bombing our pictures, we just can’t get him to Knock It Off. Sad thing is, he was supposed to be in this picture.
They had a special treat for us this year. They filled up a big tank of water, set up some ramps, and yanked guys with boards attached to their feet over them. I’m pretty sure they were willing participants, but one can never tell for sure.
Unfortunately for this guy, he forgot to land and ended up getting stuck in the rafters somewhere. It looked like he was having fun, though.
We finally decided that we wanted to join in on the action and tried to hijack this jet ski to bring into their tank and hit the jumps! We would have made it to if they didn’t have the silly things locked down to the platforms. Those silly, untrusting meanies!
A Few Video Clips from The Boat Show Nice Emails of the Week Hi πŸ™‚ I just saw you on an episode of Miami Ink… here in Denmark πŸ™‚ I just wanted to tell you, i love your sense of humor and the way you look at things πŸ™‚ Keep up the good spirit πŸ™‚ Nadja, Denmark (scandinavia)
Hey “shortarmguy”. I watched Miami Ink. in television last night, and saw you, with your 4 fingers and told about your web site. I don’t think it’s scary, I think it’s funny πŸ˜€ Such a shame you were teased in school.. I fell sorry for you, it’s maybe my fault that you need thumbs. Because I was born with an extra thumb at my left hand, hehe. Got it removed few years into middle school, but my class mates thought it was funny, that I had an extra finger. But hey, we can say “Yo, I’ve got something you don’t have!” hehe.. But when people ask about the scar from the finger, and I tell that I had an extra finger, they go “SERIOUSLY?” I really like the tattoo you got in Miami Ink, it’s beautiful and funny πŸ™‚ Well, take care and stay happy! Happy greetings from Kenneth in Denmark

Quote of the Week

β€œWhen I have fully decided that a result is worth getting, I go ahead of it and make trial after trial until it comes.” – Thomas Edison, inventor
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