Halloween, 2009

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Halloween Weekend was upon us. We had dinner with Grandma on Friday night to celebrate Halloween’s Eve or Devil’s Night as we like to call it. Grandma made us a delicious feast to prepare ourselves for what was sure to be a carnal weekend. After our bellies were full, Grandma suddenly slammed her fist on the table and shouted “It’s Payback Time!” She then made us drive around her neighborhood and go smash a bunch of pumpkins and “Tee-Pee” some houses. I guess she has some really mean neighbors and this is her way to get back at them.
On Halloween morning, I drove to Mystic Lake Casino. I needed to make my weekly charitable contribution to some of the needy Native American families we have in our town. It’s only 5 minutes from my house, driveway to driveway, so I go there a lot to help them. They just put in this new windmill which I find to be very cool!! Sometimes, I’ll just go sit there for hours and watch it spin!
When I came home, I discovered the boys in the backyard playing a little football in the leaves. It was irresistible to join them for some fun. Until those little brats kept slowing down the game by calling me for too many tripping penalties. Just kidding. I don’t let them call me for those kinds of penalties. They need to play through that crap. Suddenly Luke looked up in the sky and pointed and yelled “Dad, Look!!!!”
I look up and about 100 yards above my head is an incredible sight! It was a majestic Bald Eagle!! Then suddenly I noticed there were two more eagles only a little bit higher in the sky!! I was flabbergasted. I’ve never seen more than one bald eagle in the same place before! Seeing three of them all at once was awe inspiring!! It took me about 30 seconds to realize that I had a camera in my pocket and then they flew up higher. I didn’t get very good pictures. But I am convinced that seeing 3 eagles is a good omen!! It means something wonderful is coming for all of us!! But after I started thinking about it, I realized that these were three huge Birds of Prey. And they were circling around above my head. And it was the afternoon of Halloween. Maybe that isn’t a good omen? Screw it. I’m going with the belief that it is!!!
While watching the eagles fly, I found myself wondering what Sunny was doing with these huge killer birds swooping around above us. Apparently, he wasn’t all that impressed.
The boys were lucky enough to be invited over to their friend, Jerrod’s, for a Halloween Party. His mom, Sara, and her husband put on a nice party for the kids! They all had on cool costumes, the food looked amazing, and a bunch of fun games were planned. I asked Sara if it was OK if we stayed for the party and she told me it was “only for the kids.” I guess we know who’s house is gonna get tee-peed next year!!!
We left the party pretty early. Grandma Linda insisted that Luke let her borrow his mask for half of the night. Apparently, because of her size, she can easily pass for a trick or treating child when she wears the right kind of mask. Luke’s “Master-Chief” helmet was perfect! Luke didn’t mind helping Grandma. He understands her lust for candy.
Trust me. The boys got more than their fair share of sweets!! And sadly, it is going to be my gut that will end up the victim of the night. I just can’t resist all those goodies they brought into my home. It doesn’t seem right.
We received some new pictures and video of the Luke and Louie Anderson night from some friends at the Wishes and More Organization. They sure are nice people!! These are some of my favorites:

And here’s another angle of the video:


Shortarmguy and Luke Swank and Louie Anderson

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Happy Halloween, 2009!

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