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January 1, 2002

Happy New Year!!  Happy 2002!!

Sorry for the long delay in updating the site.  December was a crazy month at the Shortarmguy house.  We moved houses with two 2 year olds during Christmas.  I know it probably doesn’t sound like much to the uninitiated without kids, but those of you who have had small children know what pure bliss it’s been around here lately!  Next Christmas we’re definitely going to do something less stressful….like take the BAR exam!!

I have big plans for in 2002.  I’d like the biggest area of focus be in creating new methods of making this site more interactive with those that stop by to visit.  I’d especially like to increase the original content we add to the site by having more submissions from our visitors.  So come on all you creative, left-brain people.  Send me your best stuff!!  If it’s funny or inspirational and you created it, I’ll give you a showcase for it.

I hope that 2002 will be an incredible year for all of you!!


September 20, 2001

Every day since the attack on America, I have felt uneasy.  I’ve felt so bad for the people victimized.  I’ve prayed for the families affected by this tragedy and for the hero’s that have worked so hard to search for survivors.

I’ve also feared for my own family’s safety.  It’s easy to start imagining boogey-men lurking around every corner and in every crowd.  But I think it’s important to keep things in perspective.  These guys got lucky.  Sure they’ve exposed some vulnerabilities we may have, but I strongly believe we’ll correct these issues in time.   Ultimately, we’ll end up the strongest and safest society in the history of the planet.   That is the spirit of America.

It’s hard to make sense of how something like this could happen.  How could someone who thinks they’re working on behalf of God conclude that this would be a holy mission?  I’ll admit I don’t know much about Islamic beliefs, but I do have faith that the real God would in no way endorse actions that result in the slaughter of innocent men, women, and children.  These were fathers, mothers, wives, and husbands.  These weren’t attacking warriors.  

Tonight I watched a rousing speech from President Bush rallying the country to prepare for a battle against evil.  His speech made me damn proud to be an American. It made me feel confident again about the state of our nation and our way of life in the United States of America.  For the first time in a long time, I have faith in the leadership of this country to do what’s right.

My hope is that we can use this terrible event as a catalyst to take action.  As the last remaining Super Power country, we need to lead the world in eliminating the roots of evil capable of planning attacks such as these.  We need to bring the perpetrators to justice and destroy their networks of criminals.  We need to educate and deliver humanitarian aid to the countries that don’t know the true America.   After we have done this, we need to urge peace amongst all countries.  Life is just too short for hatred.  We need to teach other countries not to hate us, but to embrace our way of life.  

Because our way of life is the best way of life.  In our country, any person regardless of race, religion, age, or education level can be a leader.  America rewards hard work and ingenuity.  This allows the most qualified individuals to take on the most difficult tasks.  This allows the best ideas to come to the forefront.  Sure we make mistakes, but we learn from them.  We move forward as a country and every day we make advances to improve the lives of all of our citizens.

I encourage everyone that reads this to take action today to help someone else out.   I have tried to do my part by writing a check to the Red Cross for the first time.  I updated my website to reflect my new-found patriotism.  I also considered calling my local military recruiter, but figured they’d have some crazy arms requirement that I just wouldn’t be able to meet.   

If we all work together to make this world a better place, we’ll have no choice but to succeed.

To the leaders in our government and to the soldiers in our armed forces, Good Luck & God Speed.

God Bless America!



Text of Bush Speech

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