Shortarmguy Family Christmas Letter 2007

Merry Christmas!!!

The stores won’t say Merry Christmas any more, but we just did! Hope you’ll still shop with us!

Wow! What a year! It started off in January, turned into February, Marched into Spring, had a Summer, then had a Fall, and now it’s winter. That’s just crazy!


Luke and Avery are now in the third grade…so we’re hoping that means they’re about ready to move out of the house and start living in an apartment of their very own. Those little rascals are a lot of work! Since when did third graders get so much dang homework? And parents are supposed to help them? That’s just too much. We’re strongly considering putting them into one of those schools that will just let them coast in life. In their spare time, the boys are staying busy with things like Cub Scouts, Soccer, and Basketball. They’ve also told us that their favorite activity is to chase the girls at recess. Dad is just so proud!

Sheri is still a wife and mom, although she continues to seek replacements for both positions on Craig’s List. No luck so far.

She has also taken a new full time job at a local elementary school working with Special Needs kids. 

When she gets home from work, Todd always exclaims to her that he has Special Needs also, but she pretty much just ignores him.

Todd’s big event of the year was flying down to Florida for a visit to the Miami Ink Tattoo Studio and getting a pretty picture carved on his arm.

The experience was filmed by a bunch of cameras for possible inclusion on a future episode of the TLC reality show, Miami Ink.

We were lucky to be one of the first episodes filmed in High Def, so if we make it on the air, everyone will get to see exactly how big Todd’s belly has really become and how much hair he’s lost since high school. We’re just so thrilled for that possibility! He’ll send out an email to his friends at if his episode is going to make the cut, so if you want to know, join his Spam List by sending an email to the address below.

Todd is also still the VP of Marketing at Nor-tech which had a pretty exciting year introducing their new mobile supercomputer, dubbed the Portable Cluster. If it’s used correctly, it can be programmed to dominate the entire planet. This thing is so incredibly powerful, that if it were to fall into the wrong hands it would potentially imperil the entire planet into impending DOOM!! So we’re hoping to sell a bunch of those!!

Our Golden Retriever, Sunny, possibly needs psychiatric help.

The poor dog loves to swim in water that’s literally 1 degree above freezing and eats snow like we’re going to run out soon.

Unfortunately, he’s starting urinating a slushy substance and pooping ice cubes so we’re a little concerned about his health!!

Our goals for 2008 are to get hired by Apple Corporation and invent the iRazor so you can listen to music while you shave.


May all of your Dreams Come True in 2008!!!!

The Shortarmguy Family