Shortarmguy Family Christmas Letter 2008

Merr Christma!

Sorry for the misspellings above, but due to the recent crash in the economy we’re forced to try to save money on ink on this year’s Christmas letter.

2008 is almost done.  Thank Goodness!  What a silly, silly year.  Let’s Review!

 In January, Luke and Avery started their basketball careers.  Luke quickly retired after he was steamrolled multiple times by the opposing players and was repeatedly hit in the face by the ball.  We tried to talk him into letting us throw balls at his face at home to build up his tolerance, but he didn’t like that idea too much.  The boys also had fun this year with Cub Scouts and by spending a week away from mom and dad at Camp Odayin which specializes in providing camp for kids with heart conditions.   The boys had so much fun that Todd is seriously considering messing up his own heart so he can attend with them next year.

n May, Todd and Sheri appeared on an episode of the TLC Reality Show, Miami Ink.  For a couple of glorious months, Todd was recognized in public by a variety of strangers who asked to see his new tattoo.  Todd loved this and would talk to these people about the experience for as long as possible.  Luckily for us, only a couple people felt the need to call the authorities to get Todd away from them.

July brought unspeakable sadness when Todd’s father finally lost his two year battle with Leukemia. 

That really sucked. 

It just doesn’t seem like the holidays without Grandpa Bob around to spread his special kind of cheer.



In August, we were able to fill one of Sheri’s lifelong dreams by going to Hawaii to see her college roomate, Robin.  On the 9 hour flight over the ocean, we stressed constantly about the plane crashing.  When we arrived, we found new things to worry about like Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Hurricanes.  We went snorkeling and were afraid of shark attacks.  We took a submarine ride and could only think about it sinking.  And we took a helicopter ride over the volcano and were quite distraught imagining what would happen if the thing dropped into the burning Hell Pit of Lava.  What a great vacation!

Sunny discovered the joys of the dog park this year and runs around like his tail’s on fire whenever we go there.  He’s also lucky enough to be able to smell a whole bunch of different dog’s privates while he’s there.  A large number of dogs also seem interested in smelling his privates which we’re certain gives him a very positive self image.

For 2009 we’re planning on requesting a bailout from the Federal Government.  If we can make this happen, we’re going to put in a bid for Obama’s senate seat.  That’s right!  The Swanks are going to Washington!!

We hope you all achieve your dreams in 2009!

The Swank Family