Camp Odayin Family Camp 2009

October 18, 2009. Shortarmguy at Camp Odayin Family Camp.
Luke and Avery have been encountering way too much trouble lately engaging in all sorts of criminal activities, so we figured it was time to take them away for a weekend to Family Camp.
We went to Camp St. Croix on the St. Croix River. Really, it makes a lot of sense. If it has been called Camp St. Croix on the Mississippi River, I’d have been all sorts of confused.

We were so excited to see our good friends, Matt, Sara, and Alison, who are some of the awesome staff at Camp Odayin. These three basically run the show and are some truly special people. I know this is a fact because they invited us back to Family Camp this year despite our behavior during last year’s event. Honestly we don’t mean to cause psychological damage to the other campers. It just kind of happens.

We love Camp Activities such as this challenging task which involved using toothpicks and marshmallows to re-create the Eiffel Tower. Creating a lifelike replica of the magnificent structure really wasn’t that hard. What made it challenging was to try to do it while also preventing the boys from shoving marshmallows up each other’s noses and poking each other with the little wooden spears.
We really liked creating a human centipede using no hands and inflated rubber gloves. Unfortunately, I was disqualified from the contest for just using way too many humping motions.
I really liked watching the Mad Scientist do his experiments until this one involving medical marijuana went awry, I really didn’t think it was an appropriate experiment to show children, but pretty soon the whole room was so happy that nobody even thought to question him.
Long time followers of will remember last year’s Family Camp and how it erupted into controversy when Avery had a dispute with a woman at lunch time when they both wanted the last cookie. The two of them ended up thumb wrestling, Avery ended up getting his butt kicked and was black and blue all over for weeks. Well, unfortunately, we ended up with her at the same table again this year for lunch. Naturally, there was another last cookie dispute and this time it was Luke who ended up feeling the wrath of this woman’s appetite. Needless to say, it didn’t end up pretty and Luke definitely didn’t walk away with that cookie. Or that thumb either for that matter.
The nice thing about camp is that the sleeping arrangements do such marvelous things to my hair. It’s better than going to those really expensive salons by a long shot!
Although we had our ups and downs at camp, it sure was great to have the opportunity to spend such a fantastic weekend with the family!! will be undergoing some changes in the coming weeks.

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