Boring Week In December 2009

Shortarmguy and Luke on the Front Porch December 6, 2009
Winter has snuck into Minnesota. I guess it is December, so it was bound to happen sometime. The lake has a light sheet of ice on it which probably wouldn’t be much fun to walk on. Please note one of our friendly albino squirrels on top of the fence watching me take this picture.
Long time followers of will remember our stories about the albino squirrels. I had never seen one in my life before the boys were born and now we’ve never gone more than a few weeks without seeing at least one around our house…..and this is the second house we’ve lived in since we’ve started seeing them! We actually had as many as four at one time in our yard this summer. We consider them our guardian angels because they always have appeared whenever the boys have had to deal with a surgery or something else unpleasant. It’s either that or there’s a small pool full of bleach hidden somewhere near our house and the regular squirrels go swimming in it before they stop by.
On Wednesday Night, we went to see the Minnesota Wild play the Nashville Predators at the Excel Center in St. Paul. Silly me forgot to bring the battery for my camera so I didn’t get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked. Luckily, young Jon Hornbuckle had his trusty blackberry with him so we could get a couple of shots. I’m of the belief that if we don’t have pictures of the event, it’s almost like it never really happened!
Ironically, we all ended up wearing the same T-Shirts to the game. Luckily, we all look really good in purple!
It’s basketball season again and Avery was rarein’ to go on Saturday morning! I’m always a little tense during the first game as I’m curious to see how his skills have held up over the summer. We were very pleased right after the game started when Avery received an excellent pass, drove to the basket, did a pretty lay-up and made the first score of the day! It turned out to be his only basket of the day, but it still felt good to get off on the right foot!
We were excited when we found out that we were with Coach John this year. He’s on the far right. He was the boy’s first basketball coach several years ago. On the first night of practice, he presented Luke with a shirt and asked him if he could help the team on game days. So Luke is now the official statistician and appeared to be quite involved with the coaches and players throughout much of the game. We thought that was really cool!!!
We were hoping another year of growth would help Avery catch up with the other boys who have historically towered over him. It doesn’t look like it. Luckily for him, he’s scrappy!

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