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Nick Rahman

Nick Rahman.  Naeem The Dream.  Gangster Rapper.  Convicted Felon.  Early collaborator on Shortarmguy's music career after they met one cold winter's night on First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis.   Shortarmguy was rapping while standing over a burning oil barrel.   Rahman convinced him to record some tracks together.  Shortarmguy's smooth lyrics and dope beats gave the duo instant popularity.  Rahman's downfall began shortly after Shortarmguy's rising popularity began over-shadowing him.  Placed contract on the Head of Shortarmguy.   Plot uncovered after Shortarmguy successfully fended off 3 knife-wielding members of Rahman's posse.   "Naeem the Dream" currently resides in an undisclosed maximum security penitentiary.   Serving 20 years, he is said to have made many new friends and enjoys a diet strictly based on tossed salads.  Both serving them and receiving them.


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